15 Best Apps You Should Try To Boost Your Productivity In 2017

15 Best Apps You Should Try To Boost Your Productivity In 2017

We usually take our mobile phones almost everywhere we go, and with their highly effective processors as well as LTE connectivity, they are often indispensable as personal assistants and also productivity aids. The same applies to tablets, particularly those with bigger screens which leave much more room for article marketing. In this article, we will mention some essential information on how to boost your productivity in 2017.

1.WPS Office

You can produce, edit and also view office documents making use of this application. WPS Office supports all of the significant file formats such as .doc, .rtf, .docx, .ppt, .xlsx, and so on. The application can help you open PDF files too. The reader of this particular app is productive with lots of extra features such as night mode, progress bar, mobile view, bookmarks and much more. When you are in the middle of a journey or cannot gain access to a computer, it is possible to take care of your office files using WPS Office.

2.Harvest App

Your time and energy is calculated by this internet browser extension. Being successful implies being brutally sincere with the way you spend time. A timer could be set for every activity you are doing and you can likewise label what exactly you are doing. You may check how much time you spend on every single activity and adjust after that.

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3. Forest App

Forest app utilizes the potency of the Pomodoro Technique. A tree will develop from a seed once you start the timer. You need to concentrate on one particular task for 25 minutes till the tree is completely grown. It can make productivity more enjoyable. Being easy to customize you can alter the number of minutes to anything you want.

4. Native Clipboard

Whenever you copy a couple of texts one after the other on the Android gadget, can you manage to paste both? No, you cannot! Only the text you copied a short while ago is going to show up on the screen if you choose Paste. What happens if you would like to grab all the contents you copied? Here comes the significance of a clipboard manager. One such clipboard manager happens to be Native Clipboard. When you want to work with text from the clipboard, you simply need to double tap on the text area.

5. Ad Blocker Plus

You will come across totally free extensions which block all advertisements that play on a site or video clip. It has been readily available for many years and yet it is incredible how many individuals still have no idea about it. This can save plenty of time in the long run.

6. Asana

Are you searching for a to-do list application which stores information on the cloud? In that case, you cannot locate a better application other than Asana. It is possible to keep an eye on all your tasks using Asana. The good thing about it is the capability to manage a team. The application includes a material design. Therefore, it will never ever make you fed up. You will get notifications to your inbox and speak to team members too.

7. Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is probably the most widely recognized productivity technique. Essentially, you take a 5-minute break right after focusing on only one job for 25 minutes. This particular extension is similar to the Forest App; however, there isn’t any animated tree involved.

8. Evernote

With this particular application it is possible to write as well as store documents, memos, sketches, images, and more on the web through the cloud. It may be accessed on your cellphone or even on a personal computer. Evernote is popular because it may be used for storing essential work-related files, information, or images.

9. Pocket

Pocket will help to brain dump the content articles you would like to read afterward and, in case you are extra busy, make them read out loudly by a computer system. It is quite simple. You simply hit the button once you find content worth reading and it will save it for offline usage. It is possible to return to content on your list on the phone or computer while you are free.

10. LastPass

It is indeed a hectic job to keep in mind all your security passwords. That is why you require a password manager. LastPass is the very best app one can get hold of. You need to bear in mind just one master password. When you enter it, LastPass is going to do the rest. It will store all of your passwords in a vault which can be accessed only by you. Furthermore, the application is able to autofill the fields too.

11. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

This site is simple. Occasionally, after a hard time, you might like to unwind. Tune in to free music of all-natural waves after visiting the website. Everybody requires a quick break every now and then to recharge.

12. Instapaper

The web is stuffed with fascinating, insane and innovative information (and at times so much we are not able to manage it all). Sometimes you spend lots of time at the office reading unimportant articles motivated by curiosity and inquisitiveness. Instapaper may be worth looking at in case you would like to fix this. You may save it so that you can read it later with just one click.

13. Simplenote

Are you searching for a note taking application that is free of distractions? In that case, Simplenote can easily please you when you wish to scribble anything and write whatever you desire. After you have a substantial assortment of notes, it will provide you with a search facility to locate a particular one. Simplenote is actually a cross-platform application. It is possible to download it for some other gadgets from simplenote.com.

14. Trello

Project management application Trello is useful for individual or business usage. It is possible to put together ideas as well as lists on personal boards for related tasks, and add content material such as pictures, video clips, audio recordings, as well as comments for every single project. While they’re ready, you may share project boards along with other team members.

15. getHired

GetHired is actually a job search application which you may use to search for your subsequent new gig. Download this application and plug in your own area of competence, position, job type, as well as the desired age of posting. The application will scan the job boards and then display information on pertinent open positions, their specific locations, and also how long the ad has been published.


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