10 secrets you have to know about Donald Trump

10 secrets you have to know about Donald Trump

In the history of United States politics, there is no candidate as mind blowing controversial as Donald Trump. This former businessman is ridiculed by the mainstream media as a buffoon and national joke who puts his foot in it. But just how much do you know about this billionaire? Here are 10 secrets you have to know about Donald Trump.

1. Donald trump does not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take any drugs

This might come as a surprise due to the many things he does and says that makes you question his sobriety but Donald does not mess with alcohol. This is because his older brother, Fred was an alcoholic for many years and he ultimately died from the addiction.

However, even though Trump does not drink, in 2006, he launched his own Vodka brand (Trump Vodka) which he described as a superb product that is beautifully packaged. Unfortunately, its production was halted in 2011 due to low sales.

2. Trump offered Obama lifetime of free golf if he resigned

Donald Trump is known for being very outspoken on President Obama. He was one of the main leaders who focused on forcing the president Obama to produce his birth certificate. After Obama revealed his birth certificate, Trump attempted to still get him out of the White House office by twitting that he would offer Obama free lifetime gold at any one of his courses.

Not to forget one of the moment when Obama was turned away in one of trump courses because tee times were full.

3. Trump went to military school

According to Trumps parents, Trump was always getting in trouble throughout elementary school and junior high school. To teach him discipline, his parent sent him to NTMA (New York Military Academy) at the age of 13. When there, he earned the name “a loudmouth bully”. In 1964, he graduated from the military Academy then joined Fordham University and later the University of Pennsylvania.

4. Donald has his own board game

In 1989, Trump launched his own board game which was mainly about making money in real estate. Players could flash Trump’s all powerful slogan, you are fired! To each other to end the negotiations.

However consumers lost interest in the game and it was discounted several times.

5. Trump restored the Central Park Skating rink

In 1986, Wollman skating rink in Central Park, New York was undergoing renovations but it reached a standstill due to financial constraints. Trump whose office was near the unfinished construction decided to take control of the project.

He handled the renovation costs himself with the hope of running a restaurant next to the rink so as to recover the cost but the city covered the costs and donated the profits to charity.

6. Trump put his hair on the line during a bet

You cannot talk about Trump and not mention his hair. In a bet that was known as The battle of billionaires’, Trump agreed to shave his head if his pro wrestler he picked lost to the wrestler Vince McMahon, WWE chairman had picked. But trump’s wrestler won and Vince McMahon had to shave.

7. Trump starred in Home Alone 2

In the film, Home alone 2: Lost in New York when Kevin walks into Plaza Hotel and asks for direction, it is Trump who plays the role of the Good Samaritan that directs Kevin to the reception.

8. Besides his enormous wealth, Trump has filed for bankruptcy

Although Trump flaunts his massive wealth, some of his companies have actually filed for corporate bankruptcy on four different occasions.

Trump’s Taj mahal in Atlantic City filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991. Trump Plaza followed in 1992 which forced Trump to give up 49% state of the hotel to lenders. In 2004, Trump casinos and Hotels filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and lastly, in 2009, Trump Entertainment filed for bankruptcy.

9. Donald Trump is sensitive about the size of his hands.

About 30 years ago, Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair editor accused Trump of being a short fingered vulgarian which burned him so badly and he would not let it go. Trump would send Carter the tracing of his hands routinely to prove that they were normal sized.

This story had a resurgence when Marco Rubio, an American politician accused trump of the same thing adding that the size of ones’ hand is proportionate to another vital body part.

10. Trump was the original owner of New Jersey Generals

Trump was the initial owner of the famous New Jersey Generals of the US Football League. However he sold in 1983 to J Walter Duncan to raise funds for completing his construction projects.


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