10 Free resources to Get You More Organized

10 Free resources to Get You More Organized

Though some people may perceive themselves as organized, no one is actually ever fully organized; there is always room for improvement. In other instances, being organized is not one strengths of some other people. If you are such an individual, all hope is not lost, you can take advantage of the modern technology to facilitate more order in your life be it, your financial affairs, time, goals, relationships, business and more. However, it is important to note that, this technology has also increased the number of things you need to manage, thus you need to choose the applications you use wisely. On that note, here are 10 free resources you can use to get you more organized.

1. Evernote: 

It is a note taking application that enables you record, or collect information on anything that you find interesting. It offers cloud storage capabilities allowing to store, share and access photos, documents, websites, applications and more from any device. Besides storing various types of documents in a central place, it also has various organization features that facilitate easy creation, access and transfer of documents.

2. Google Drive

Google drive is more or less similar to the Evernote application in terms of the services it provides. It is a cloud-based platform for storing, managing and sharing records and also supports online based collaboration between work teams. Google drive allows you to create spreadsheets, reports, slides, drawings and structures in a central location where you can store and alter them as necessary. It is already integrated with other Google applications, such as youtube, gmail, Google plus, playstore, Google Photos among others enabling you to manage a wide array of applications from a single account.

3. Finovera

In our current lifestyle, we have scores of bills to pay, and without proper organization, we often get fined because of late payments of our bills, we get overcharged without our knowledge and even keep paying for subscriptions we have no business paying for. Finovera is a mobile application tool that promises to bring order to your finances by ensuring that your bills are automatically paid on time, you are not paying for any unnecessary subscriptions, and that you are not being overcharged among other things. The app manages everything from a single ultra-secure place, by linking all your financial accounts and statements.

4. Lastpass Password manager

You must have noticed that, in this digital era, you are required to create too many passwords that you can barely keep track of. Using one password is not secure and also most sites require you to keep changing them. A common way to solve this problem is to store all our passwords in a single file in your computer. The problem with this solution is that, it makes you vulnerable in case you lose your computer. The Last Pass Manager locks your passwords in an encrypted vault and also has the capacity to generate new unique passwords for you. You only need to know the master password to access the last password application; the application handles the rest, including storing passwords and logins details, auto filling the login details, creating online profiles, auto generating strong passwords, tracking your personal details and more.

5. DocuSign Ink

DocuSign presents businesses and users from across the globe with an option send and manage documents and also to add digital signatures to these document. In one point or another, everyone has been in a situation where they need to send a digital document that needs to be signed. Thus, you had to go through the hassle of downloading and printing the documents for you to sign them and the later had to scan them so that you can send them via email. DocuSign allows you to sign documents or get digital signatures from anyone through your mobile phone, eliminating the need to print or fax documents. It also allows you to manage documents you send.

6. Google Docs

Google Docs is another powerful tool from Google that can help you stay organized. It is very flexible by allowing you to work from a multiplicity of devices and at any location where there is internet access. Its greatest strength is its collaboration feature that allows to work together remotely with your team members, without having to meet physically, saving you a lot of time and money.

7. Pocket

Pocket is great app and website for keeping track of your online interactions. It allows you to save or rather make a quick reference or bookmark items you find interesting as you surf the internet, so that you can revisit them later with ease. This app mainly comes in handy, when you find that interesting article, tweet, video etc., but you do not have time to spare to read/view them immediately; all you need to do is to tag them to view them later.

8. PayAnywhere

It allows you to accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal and Discover payments using a smartphone or tablet. It is ideal for individuals running small businesses or people who meet with clients who often need to make payments conveniently. Thus, you no longer need to access your computer, or order a bank transfer to receive or make payments and even manage your account.

8. Wunderlist

It is a To-do list app that helps you get organized by creating a comprehensive to-do list of what is to be done, from minor to major items; and keeps track of tasks accomplished and the ones yet to be accomplished. It can further, automatically turn your emails into to-do lists and also schedule and organize tasks.

9. Mint

This app shows you the whole picture of your financial state by automatically gathering all your financial details in a single place and at the same time tracks all your transactions in each and every account. It also includes bill reminders, budgeting tools, your credit score, graphical statistics, warnings and more; all that keep you conscious of your spending habits.

10. Doodle

Is a scheduling app that allows you to track and manage your calendars across multiple platforms including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. It helps you accurately schedule an appointment by sending out a poll to the recipients with the possible dates to set a meeting; the recipients get to choose the dates that best work for them.


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